Easy Peasy Chore Chart System ~ Giveaway

Easy_Peasy_Chores_Download-copyEarlier this week I wrote this review on the Easy Peasy Chore Chart. Today I’ve been given permission to give away a copy of the Easy Peasy Chore Chart System

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House Hunting

I’m exhausted! Did you know house hunting is incredibly tiring? We’ve looked at 15 houses in three days. We’ve narrowed it down to our top three and we’re going to look at them again tomorrow. The only problem is the house in the number one spot has a time clause on an accepted offer. I guess that means that they’ve accepted the offer but the buyer has to sell their house first. All three houses would be fairly easy to adapt for a wheelchair.

The first house is completely one floor living for both John and Colby and has only a tiny step into each of the doors. I’m not even sure we’d need to pour concrete because they make a small little ramp for steps like that. Colby’s room would be big enough for him and all his equipment. It has a tub in his bathroom but it would be so easy to take it out and turn it into a roll in shower when we get to that point. It has a nice yard. Not the 3/4 acre we were going to buy but a big lot for the area of town it’s in.

The second house is on a steep lot for the backyard. It’s also a very small backyard. The house is pretty much first floor living. The stairs to the basement would fit a lift if we decided to put one in, which now that I think about it we would need to or else he could never go in the backyard. Hmm something to point out to John. (Ten minutes later) He’s got all the houses mixed up in his mind. He remembers the exterior of the houses and the interiors of the houses but he has the interiors going to the wrong exteriors. Does that make sense? Chemo brain can be rough sometimes. I also don’t love the family room and dining room lay out but we could make it work.

The third house has lots of light. More steps into all the entries of the house. It has horrendous wallpaper in every single room plus one wall is completely covered in mirrors! I don’t know what Utahns have with mirrored walls but I think at least 7 of the houses we were in had at least one mirrored wall. Again, I don’t love the layout of the dining and family room areas but they are doable. It has a wonderfully landscaped backyard and much to John’s delight is directly behind a cemetery. He says it makes for quiet neighbors and when he was stationed in Japan he lived next to a cemetery that was haunted.

I can see us living in choice number one and choice number three but I can’t really see number two. John loves it though and he’s not sure why. Funny how that works. We looked at another house today that just felt creepy to me. John thought it was kind of fun but it gave me the creeps so it was a definite no.

I have to admit that we are looking at houses with a bit of a different outlook than most people. Our poor realtor has been a trooper at putting up with us. John’s all about wheelchair access for Colby and not much else matters. For me Wheelchair access is important but it’s also about how the house will flow and function with medical equipment, a wheelchair, family and friends, etc. Here’s hoping that tomorrow brings us a little more clarity and a definite idea of what we should do.

Plan To Be Flexible ~ Review

Plan to Be Flexible website image_edited-1

Plan to Be Flexible website image_edited-1   I’ve come to the conclusion that in order to survive my daily life I have to be flexible. This morning Colby’s feeding pump decided it wanted to start alarming with a clog at 4:30. I got up primed the pump and went back to bed. Roughly forty two seconds later it alarmed again. Awesome! I got up again, repeated and started to walk back out of his room when it went off a third time. This time it woke Colby up. He was so mad! I can’t say that I blame him, I was a little mad myself. It took an hour to calm him back down and five minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off at 6:00 he dropped back to sleep. On the plus side I was able to take a shower before I put Colby on the bus for summer school. It’s now 10:18 pm and Colby is awake again. Yes I was planning on going to bed early tonight because I got up early but that’s not looking like it’s going to happen any time soon.

What’s the point of all that? It’s not to complain about my day. It was really quite productive. We looked at 7 houses, possibly finding one we’d like to put an offer on. It wasn’t to get “how do you do it?” questions because who else is going to do it if I don’t? It was to explain why I have learned to be flexible. Nothing about today went as planned except that Riley went to a friends house to play while we went house hunting. Thank goodness for amazing friends! This is a pretty good example of how my days tend to get so far off track. My problem is not being to rigid though. My problem is that all that flexibility causes a huge amount of schooling derailment. I know what I want to happen each day, it’s just that it seldom happens.

I have a very vague sense of the big picture. It’s overlapped with doctor appointments, chemotherapy, and medications. It has influenced our girls in every area of their lives. Jahnna wants to become a “brain scientist who cures cancer and strokes” and Riley wants to be a scientist of some kind depending on the day. She thinks as of yesterday that being a biologist might be fun. Can you tell she’s been watching Wild Kratt’s ? Tonight John took the girls to a swim party while I re-read the book Plan To Be Flexible Designing a Homeschool Rhythm and Curriculum Plan that Works for Your Family.

There is a lot of good advice in this book. Alicia Kazsuk has filled this full of personal experiences and wisdom. Advice like this “In the seasons when it seems there’s a lot of hard manual labor in the homeschooling “fields,” keep your eyes peeled for signs of the coming harvest. You and I know the big-picture blessings of teaching our kids at home (otherwise we wouldn’t have chosen this tough path). But in those moments when you need encouragement about why you’re on this path, pray to be shown a glimpse of the beautiful fruit still growing underground.”

Homeschooling is hard. Sending your kids to school when you wish you could keep them home is hard. Where ever you are in the journey of raising your children there will be difficult periods. Every day I send Colby to school I feel a pang of guilt. I need the break that school gives me. That break allows me the opportunity to keep Jahnna home where she learns best. Mom guilt, much? Every single stinkin day! For us, this is what works for now.

I appreciate Alicia’s advice to step back and get a sense of the big picture. What do you want for your kids? What and where are your priorities? Things that might get lost in the day to day details. If you are a big spreadsheet or Excel person you will love her advice and ways she has laid out and explained for you. I like to paper plan but I know that it would be easier or at least I wouldn’t lose it as often if I did it on the computer.

My favorite part is the assessment portion in the appendix of the book. What a great guide to help you get an idea of where you are at and where you need to go to achieve your goals. Over the next month I’m going to be doing some deep thinking about the answers to those questions. If you are just starting out on your homeschool journey or if you’ve got a few years under your belt like I do there is still a lot of information that will be helpful even if you aren’t feeling burnt out.  For any secular homeschoolers that might be reading this, this is definitely a Christian resource. Prayer, worship, bible study are frequent topics which I’m good with but you might not be. I always try and be aware of others viewpoints and I realize that this is a turn off for some people or a major selling point for others.

Alicia is in the process of changing her website from The Vintage Creative to Vibrant Homeschooling. She has started offering her Bloom classes as well for $99. You can purchase Plan To Be Flexible: Designing A Homeschool Rhythm and Curriculum Plan That Works for Your Family from Amazon for $3.99 or  for $10 you can Save 92% on the Bundle Just for Moms Bundle at the Build Your Bundle – Homeschool  Edition Sale! In the bundle you will get $118 worth of products for a little more than you can get buying the book on Amazon.

This post contains affiliate links. Any purchase from those links goes towards keeping this blog running. Your purchases are greatly appreciated! 

Easy Peasy Chore Chart System ~ Review



Chore time is one of my least favorite parts of the day. To say that Riley has a hard time with her chores would be a massive understatement. She is seven years old and has maybe ten minutes worth of chores a day. These would be making sure her room is clean, emptying 6 small trash cans into the big kitchen trash can, emptying 4 laundry hampers into the dirty clothes bins. That’s it. There are other chores depending on the day but those are her incredibly hard chores she is responsible for every morning. I cannot remember the last time she managed to get them all done on her own in under thirty minutes without someone following her from room to room to point out each trash can or laundry hamper.

I have tried lists and chore charts but they never worked very well. Riley is very visual. I’ve even thought about trying to find stickers or pictures to put on her dresser drawers so she can remember which ones her shirts go into. Of course, I always forgot about doing it or when I would sit down to try and find fun pictures for her I’d get side tracked by something else. Alina at Good Old Days Farm has done all the work that I’ve been meaning to get around to and I’m so thankful! The Easy Peasy Chore Chart System comesin black and white pictures for you to color or in full color that are ready to go.WhatsIncluded-copy


I was slightly overwhelmed when I saw that there are over 300 cards in the system. You don’t have to print them all out at once and some of them you might not ever use. The system is set up to help the “average family keep their home in above average shape”.EasyPeasyChoreLove-copy

The last week around here has been crazy hectic. We ended up giving up the contract on the house we were building due to something that happened on Wednesday. I’m a little disappointed but over all I’m surprisingly relieved. It’s a long story and one I’m not going to go into detail on but getting out of the contract means we have to figure out a new plan on what to do. Chores have not been at the top of our list of things to get done. It’s been a bigger battle than usual and I wish that I’d had the time to implement this plan before the last week happened. It’s half way set up in baseball card holders which is why I needed to use Alina’s pictures of her system and not my own. The one’s I do have printed out and have been using with Riley have been a big help. She might not remember all the trash cans but she’s remembering to at least get a few of them. It’s a step in the right direction and any step in a positive direction is a good one.

Easy Peasy Chores is available for $15.99 for the regular version or $17.99 for the homeschool version. This week the Easy Peasy Chore System is available for $10 as part of the homeschool mom bundle in the Build Your Bundle sale. In this bundle not only will you get the Easy Peasy Chore Chart System you will also get:

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That’s $118 worth of products for $10. Even if the only thing you are interested in is the Easy Peasy Chore Chart System it’s worth it to get this package because you get the system for $6.00 less then you normally would. In addition to the bundle everyone who makes a purchase also gets over $500 worth of bonuses in this list.

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Homeschool Sale

Today is the day. The Build Your Bundle Sale goes live today! Huge, huge discounts are available. If you are like me and starting to think about the coming school year, you are not going to want to miss taking a look at this. There are several options available. Pre-built bundles like the products in the 4th through 6th grade bundle.
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Or if you’d rather go the build your own bundle route then here’s what you need to know.
Build Your Bundle - Homeschool Edition Sale - Up to 92% Off!

Remember this isn’t just for homeschoolers. There are products available for mom’s, for preschool, for all different ages. Some of religious others are not so there really is something for everyone. This next week I’ll be reviewing a few of the products for you because they are amazing!


This post contains affiliate links. Any money made from affiliate links is used to keep this blog running and to go towards therapy for Colby. Thanks for any purchases you might make in support of our family. 

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