Lord Heritage’s HomeSchool Office ~ Review

HomeSchool Office Review

Lord Heritage was kind enough to let me review their HomeSchool Office web based record keeping product. This is an annual subscription with a $79 value. I’ve been trying to be more organized when it comes to Jahnna and school. Obviously we do a lot of curriculum reviews and it can be challenging trying to keep her core products on track while also incorporating review materials. I thought this program might be a way for me to do that. 

The program itself has lots of great features. If you are a record keeper this is definitely going to appeal to you. The program is based off the acronym POWER and is based in scripture. The following are the scriptures it is based on.

CapturePLAN   (Jeremiah 29:11)

ORDER   (1 Corinthians 14:40)

WORK   (John 17:4)

EVALUATE   (Matthew 28:20)

REPORT   (Romans 14:12)

Using the planning section you will be able to set subject goals and objectives, build a master schedule, setup lessons, create projects for home or groups and lay out your school budget.

The Order section allows you to schedule lessons, mark your home & school activities on a calendar, setup important reminders and create customized lists.


The Work section provides student access, you can view or print individual schedules, follow daily lessons or  manage any to do lists you have set up.

Evaluate lets you manage requirements for state compliance, keep track of daily attendance or track the hours you spend on each subject. You can also record grades for each subject. In the Report section you can make sure that you are complying with state regulations by customizing reports and generating transcripts.

HomeSchool Office is a great product for those who need to keep good records. I thought I would enjoy having a better way of keeping records but it turns out that after four years of homeschooling I’ve grown rather relaxed in my approach to records. Utah doesn’t require record keeping and for that I am actually quite thankful. It’s allowed us to take a much more student led approach which we both like. I don’t have to keep of attendance records or grades so that portion of the program didn’t really apply to me.

I tend to use a lot of technology in our life. It can be challenging scheduling all of the doctor appointments with have, with school activities for Colby and Riley while making sure Jahnna has field trips and activities to participate in as well. I was hoping I’d be able to sync my calendar on my phone in with a calendar for school but that wasn’t an option so I didn’t use that section either. I do think that having multiple students at home with the list making abilities would be a benefit for those with larger families or who go to co-ops or regular group activities.

Overall I can see this being a very useful tool. The tracking abilities are phenomenal for those who live in states that require detailed records and for those with several students to keep track of. If you don’t need detailed records it’s probably not for you. Luckily everyone can find out for themselves by signing up for a free 30 day trial. After 30 days you will be prompted to enter your payment information so you don’t have to worry about forgetting when your trial ends. Give it a try and let me know what you think. To see what other TOS reviewers think click on the banner below.


HomeSchool Office Review
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Critical Thinking Company Review

GPALOVEMATH is a fantastic web based math program for grades K to 5th by GPA LEARN.  I was so excited to turn Riley loose with GPALOVEMATH. She loves math and is at the top of her class at school. I thought this would be a great way to keep her not only interested in math but to continue on at an accelerated pace.

You start off the program with a parent account and you set up your student or students depending on how many students you sign up. The program has an annual plan or pay on a monthly plan. Either way this is what you get

  • Entire year math curriculum
  • Includes all grades K through 5
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Includes Learn, Engage, Motivate, & Parent dashboard features

Right now there is a special introductory price of $129 per year per child (Use Promo Code GPAINTRO15) Regularly $149 or you can pay $12.99 per month per child.

Currently you can access GPALOVEMATH on the following platforms. Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac computers, Apple iPad, or Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. On our supported browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari 6 & 7. It is not currently supported on the Kindle but they are working on fixing that.

Once your parent account has been set up you can add your student. From there you start adding rewards that your student will earn as they progress through the lessons. You can choose the rewards, how many of them they earn and how frequently they are earned. There are rewards already in the system or you can design your own. IT’s kind of fun to customize the rewards to your child. I set Riley up so she was earning a reward every 8 lessons. Learning is a big motivator for her so I wasn’t to concerned with her getting one every single lesson.

Reward list



I love how easy it is for Riley to use this program. Each section is easy to follow. Once a question is answer the student just clicks on the arrow. Instruction on the topic is offered first, then practice and then a quiz. parent view

Riley was so excited to earn a rockstar badge when she finished each lesson. When she did earn a reward it was a huge surprise for her.



I really enjoyed following her progress on the parent dashboard. I received an email every time Riley completed a lesson. She got a kick out of seeing that when I showed her how I could see what she had been doing.


Riley is in second grade but I started her at the third grade level to see how she would do. I was very pleased with how well she did. She enjoyed the program and asks to use it. Some of the animation she found a little goofy but over all it keeps her very engaged. I would definitely recommend GPALOVEMATH to anyone looking for a web based math program to motivate your child to have fun with math.

If you’d like to connect with GPALEARN they can be found on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. To see what other crew members have to say be sure and click on the banner below.


GPA Learn Review

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My lungs hate me

I’ve had pneumonia this last week. It’s been so much fun. I finish up my antibiotic tonight and guess what my lungs barely feel better. I’m not coughing as much which is a bonus but I still feel like someone is sitting on my chest. Not cool.

Riley’s eardrum hates her. Riley is one tough kid. She hardly complained about her ears hurting. Today I took her to the doctor to find out that her eardrum burst. Yup I feel like a horrible mom.

Colby’s entire body hates him. He’s having random fevers again. Good times.

The VA hates John. He called last Thursday for an urgent care appointment because he probably has pneumonia. They called today with his appointment for tomorrow. I guess it could be worse. It could have taken them a month to get it scheduled.

That’s all the bad news. Now for the amazing news!

We’re going on vacation thanks to One Wish!


I’m pretty sure the vacation news trumps all the bad we’ve gone through this week. Really, the bad we’ve gone through this week isn’t even that awful I just needed a lead in for the good news!

One Wish is a wish granting organization for adults! They are giving this to John and this is what he chose to do. It’s a trip we didn’t think we’ve ever get to go on. We are all so excited and are having a hard time being patient until we get to go.

Have you been to either place? I need advice for where we must eat or rides we must ride.

Visual Learning Systems ~ Review

Visual Learning Systems Review
Digital Science Online by Visual Learning Systems  is a fantastic way to have your kids learn using videos. Science concepts can be hard to teach when homeschooling but these videos make it so easy especially if you have a visual learner. I was able to review both grade level options. The first level is Digital Science Online: Elementary Edition (Grades K-5) (This is primary as well as elementary science.) and the second level is
Digital Science Online: Secondary Edition (Grades 6-12). You can purchase an annual subscription for either level.

Visual Learning Systems Review

Both levels have short videos that make up a topic of study. There are also different animations and images to illustrate concepts that were on the videos. This allows for extra reinforcement of the concept being studied. There are worksheets for the students that are easy to follow and use. The teacher content is very nice. The video scripts are typed out for you, the learning objectives are listed if you are interested in that, and the section on introducing the videos has suggested activities and ways to get started on the topic you are studying.

If you looked at the picture above and saw that the pricing says it’s ninety nine cents a student with a 200 student minimum, don’t worry Visual Learning Systems has come up with a way to meet the needs of homeschool families. For $99 a year per level you can use this system for up to 8 students in your home.

If you would rather have a physical copy of the material there are DVD’s available for purchase at 50% off the list price and it includes a DVD, teacher’s guide, and binder for $25 a title with a $10 minimum S/H charge. Considering there are 136 different subjects it is far more economical to purchase an annual subscription!

I set Riley up on the first subject of the elementary level. She was in kind of a hyper mood and I did not really expect her to be to into the program that day. I figured I’d ease her into it with the first short two minute video and call it good for the day. We’d come back to it when we could focus on it with a little more mom supervision. Five minutes went by where I was getting Colby settled down and I felt a tug on my shirt. “Mom! Mom! Mom! Did you know the smallest particle is an atom?” That was followed by her scurrying out of the room before I could even answer the question! I got Colby situated and headed back to where I set Riley up to find she was on the fourth video and totally engrossed in it. She was sitting on the edge of the couch soaking it all up! I quietly backed away and left her to it. When the subject was done she took the video test and was so excited she had gotten them all correct.

I was not expecting that all. I hadn’t even taken a look at the teacher introduction activities or the worksheets and she was asking for more. I thought that Colby  might be interested in these videos because he is very visual and I hoped they would be short enough to hold his interest. Nope. Apparently science videos are not on the same interest level as Phineas and Ferb or Spider-Man for him. I’ll keep trying and see if I can find a subject to hold his interest.

I mentioned at the beginning that I work with both levels. That means Jahnna’s experience is up next. She really enjoyed the different topics available to her. I give her a little more room to explore because she likes to skip around different topics. The only topic I made sure to watch with her was the reproduction unit. I previewed it first and did not find anything I that I would hesitate in showing her. It covered everything we had talked about previously but I wanted to be on hand in case she had some questions. I felt it was very tastefully done and I wouldn’t be afraid of showing this to my other kids when they are ready for a more in depth discussion on reproduction.

I am so thankful we have been able to use this on laptops and an iPad. It definitely makes it convenient to be able to use the material on different devices. I highly recommend Digital Science Online by Visual Learning Systems for all types of learners. If you’d like to connect with Visual Learning Systems you can find them on Facebook or Twitter. To see what other members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew have to say about this click on the banner below.

Visual Learning Systems Review

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Botox Fun

Colby had his Botox and Phenol injections on Monday. We left the house at 6:30 in the morning and he was doing good. By the time we made it through all the traffic and made it to the hospital he had a fever. The doctor, nurse practitioner, anesthesiologist and I all decided to go ahead with the procedure. He hasn’t had any injections since last June because he’s been so sick. He was scheduled for them in October but that was when he was admitted for low potassium and sodium. Next up was the crazy random fevers for the rest of October, November and December brought Pneumonia and January was Influenza and 103 fevers for the rest of the month. February was his nissen surgery and collapsed lung. He really needed these shots because his muscles were so tight it was starting to affect his tendons and his hips.

Tuesday I kept him home because he was still running a slight fever and was not a very happy kid most of the day. By Tuesday afternoon it was gone and he was smiling again so off to school he went on Wednesday. John and I went and ran errands and worked around the house. It was nice to have a somewhat normal day. Thursday we were back to Salt Lake City for John’s dental appointment at the VA. Colby got to miss school again because we had to leave before the bus would have picked him up. He didn’t really mind. I almost took him to the doctor when we got back because he was wheezing really bad. I gave him an albuterol and pulmicort treatment and that helped a lot.

I think he just has a really bad cold or virus. I guess he’s going to be more prone to wheezing with respiratory stuff since his lung collapsed. One of these days this kid will feel better and stop keeping me up all night. He’s been up at least three times a night all week but more like four or five times most of the time. Tonight I’m going to bed early, I think I need it!


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