Emotional Much?

I really should not write posts when I’m emotional or worried about something. That being said I’m in a much better frame of mind now. John’s allergic reaction is still a mystery but an allergist and his oncologist both don’t believe it was a reaction to his chemo which is a very good thing. He’s having an MRI today and lab work so hopefully that will shed some light on things.

Colby’s still doing his thing but in other news I pulled out one of his teeth. If you know me you might know that I hate pulling teeth. It freaks me out to no end. I even hate the thought of clipping teeth on animals. Teeth are gross! Anyway he’s had this tooth that was basically transparent needing to come out but the stupid corners wouldn’t budge. I wiggled it and wiggled it and it finally came out. You have no idea how brave that was of me! He was very happy because he’s now $5 richer and he thinks it’s funny he grossed me out.

The house. The house is moving forward! I shouldn’t have vented about the house at all but I was feeling the need to complain about something. I made the changes to the original plan and it’s going to be one level living for Colby and potentially for John so I just needed to be a little more patient. That budget I said I wasn’t going a penny over? Yeah I blew it! By about $30,000 but I was figuring the interest rate at least a half percent higher than it is going to be and I forgot that because John is 100% VA disabled the state of Utah waves your property taxes and we don’t have pmi or a down payment. That means what I thought we couldn’t afford we can so I’m getting everything I wanted and I’m in love with it already. The permits are going into place this month and we should have a hole started in the ground in about a month. Let the selection planning begin officially! It really is amazing how much a difference one week can make in your perspective. I’ll get some pictures up of it as they come along. We should be moved in, in time for the kids to start at their new school.

That’s all for today. Hopefully, I’ll have good news after todays appointments for John.


What do you say when you try and look at the positive things in life and all you feel is frustration? Now a whole lot. Is that enough of an explanation as to why I haven’t been posting much? Probably not, since this is my space I’m going to vent here for a minute. You can stop reading now if you’d rather read my regular stuff I won’t hold it against you!

John’s been doing chemo. Chemo stinks! He has one more infusion this week and then he’s officially done with round 2 of PCV chemo. It’s made him bloated, tired and miserable but if I’m being honest it’s still not as bad as the doctor made it sound like it was going to be. He’s been on dexamethasone since September and he’s tired of it. If you don’t know what Dex is it’s a steroid that reduces the swelling after brain surgery. He was on a big dose. He’s gained twenty pounds, been irritable, munchy and not sleeping well. This makes him mad so with his doctors guidance he started tapering off of it. He’s been tapering for three months and last Wednesday he took his last half dose pill. Today he woke up looking like he’d been in a fight with his right eye swollen completely shut and a splitting headache. Guess whose not happy he had to take a full pill this morning. Other than all that he’s been doing fairly good. He has an MRI on the 25th and hopefully it will show nothing.

Colby started having seizures again on Dec 28th. I think we finally found the right dose of lamictal for him because he’s been seizure free for two weeks now. Let me rephrase that. He’s been seizure free as far as I can tell because his seizure monitor that we spent two months trying to get for him doesn’t pick up his seizures even if they last a minute or more. His arms and legs pulse in the air and not flat on the bed so it doesn’t register. Good times. Please let me not have jinxed that by typing it! The lamictal is causing more dystonic episodes though so it’s a catch 22. Isn’t it always with him? Dystonic episodes are painful, wake him up at night and are in general not any less of an issue than seizures are. On the bright side he did graduate from seeing his kidney doctors from every six months to just once a year. The GI doctor has now changed her mind and said he does qualify for a nissen when before she said she’d never recommend one for him. I’m not sure that it will stop his throwing up and I think I’m having a harder time with the decision to do it or not than I had with him undergoing brain surgery to implant the Deep Brain Stimulator electrodes. How sad is that? Like I said the kid is a catch 22 in all areas of his life. The nissen could make it impossible for him to throw up which would help his erosive esophagitis but it could also make him retch more and cause him more physical pain. See what I mean? A decision is not going to come easily.

Building a house. Oh wait you didn’t know we are building a wheelchair accessible home? Probably because we signed with the builder back in December and still haven’t gotten a final bid back yet. That should be coming this Wednesday after many changes because what we said didn’t match what the drafter drafted. How does extending Colby’s room by 2 feet mean increase the total size of the house by 17%? Not sure how extending two bedroom by two feet (you have to include the basement bedroom when you extend the first floor bedroom) means to increase the kitchen, dining, living room and master bedroom all by two feet as well. Anyway, I got as mean as I ever get and told him that if it comes back a penny over our budget we’re done and just going to buy a preexisting house. I don’t think he knew that was me being mean but I guess we’ll find out on Wednesday if he thought I was serious. I’d rather lose our $500 earnest money than keep waiting for them to figure things out. Weird I know but the money’s already gone so I guess it won’ t sting quite as bad.

Car. Someone hit my car in a parking lot and caused $3600 worth of damage without leaving their information. Of course their were no cameras or any witnesses. Got that fixed then last week it started leaking tranny fluid. Got that fixed. Took Riley out to the car this morning to take her to school. Car won’t start. It’s my Electronic Throttle Control sensor. So I tried to call the dealer. It’s still hopefully under our extended warranty from when we bought it a year ago. I hope. Please let it be covered.

That’s all the venting I’m going to do for now. So if your still reading and I don’t blame you if your not, just know that now that’s it out I’ve taken a deep breath and I’m going to call the dealership again. Life will go on and things will be good. Things are good, I know I’m blessed but sometimes you just need to vent.

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