Flight School: One Summer, Many Choices ~ New book launch

New Novel From Christian Author Jason McIntire – “Flight School: One Summer, Many Choices”

If you’ve read The Sparrow Found A House by Jason McIntire (Elisha Press, 2013), you’ll already know his style: Real-life situations addressed with equal parts humor and biblical wisdom. It’s a combination reviewers fivnd powerful. They’ve used the words intriguingbelievablecaptivating, and unique – among many others – to describe his writing. The Sparrow Found A House (which is available as a free Kindle download from Elisha Press) was also endorsed by Exodus Mandate, the prominent homeschooling action group. It tells the story of the Rivera-Sparrows, a newly-blended and newly-homeschooling family facing opposition from without and within.

Flight School Cover

Today Elisha Press is announcing the release of a sequel to The Sparrow Found A House – and to celebrate, they’re giving away signed copies to four randomly-selected winners. You can enter the giveaway here, or go ahead and order the book on Amazon. It’s $2.99 for the Kindle version, or $9.99 for the 256-page print edition.

Flight School follows the Rivera kids as they meet new friends, explore careers, and encounter the challenges and choices that come with adult life. As a homeschool graduate himself, Jason knows the things that matter most to homeschoolers, and how to write about those things in a way that will edify, resonate, and entertain.

“If you like Flight School,” Jason says, “thank God. If you don’t like it, blame me.”

Enter the giveaway, or buy a copy now.

Free Lesson on Ancient Egypt

Jahnna loves Ancient Egypt. She just saw that I was posting about a free lesson on Ancient Egypt and asked if I’d already downloaded it for her. She was sad when she realized she had already learned most of what was included but that’s what happens when she’s been studying it for three years completely on her own. Head over and check out the free lesson for your students and let me know what you think.

King Tut Mini Unit - Educents
Students LOVE to learn about King Tut and Ancient Egypt! Download a FREE lesson for kids about Ancient Egypt and jump into King Tut’s history! The freebie has several activities included in this pack, including reading comprehension, math review, map skills, and timeline practice, so there are a multiple ways to use them.

Hieroglyphics Math

King Tut Mini Unit - Educents
Use these fun pages to practice place value and/or addition and subtraction skills! Page 12 of the King Tut Mini-Unit Freebie asks students use the symbols to determine the number. The following page goes a step further and asks students add or subtract numbers.

Fun facts about Ancient Egypt:

  • The Egyptian alphabet contained more than 700 hieroglyphs!
  • Egyptians believed cats were a sacred animal and having a pet cat would bring a household good luck.
  • Ancient Egyptians invented pens, toothpaste, and a game very similar to bowling.

More Ancient Egypt resources:

Mini Bio: King Tut – Here’s a mini bio about King Tut to go with your mini unit! Ancient Egypt Lapbook – Study interesting facts about the discovery of hieroglyphic writing, the Rosetta Stone, the great King Tutankhamun, the lovely Cleopatra and more. Recipes From Egypt – Delight your little cooks with
two authentic and easy-to-make recipes from Egypt: Tameya (the original veggie burger), and Basboosa (Semolina cake with honey and lemon). My Book About Egypt – My Book About Egypt takes elementary students to the cities of Cairo, Alexandria, Damietta, and Giza.   King Tut Mini Unit - Educents Want free lessons for kids about Ancient Egypt? Download the King Tut Mini-Unit Freebie on Educents! http://www.educents.com/king-tut-mini-unit.html

Christmas in July with Feeln

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 8.50.04 PM
Feeln is a movie streaming streaming service that is full of love and feel good movies. It’s full of handpicked Hollywood movies, TV series, award-winning originals and Hallmark Hall of Fame features. It’s commercial-free which is fantastic in my mind! Colby despises commercials. I’m not sure I can explain how fun commercials are at house. They involve anywhere from a minute and half of screaming to four minutes of screaming. We literally either have to ignore him or try and distract him until they are over. Any type of service that is commercial free gets huge pluses in my book!
You can watch Feeln online or on your iPhone, iPad, Android phones or tablets. Feeln is also available with Roku, AppleTV and Xbox 360.
Right now Feeln is running a Christmas in July special that gives you a Free Roku Streaming Stick when you buy a 2 year subscription for $47.98.
Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 8.48.17 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 8.48.32 PM
We have used Roku products for at least four years if not more. Somewhere in the archives of this blog I’m pretty sure I wrote a review on one. We love Roku so much we got one of the new Roku TV’s. It’s easy to use and so much cheaper than cable. I just double checked and found that a streaming stick currently runs anywhere between $35 and $50 depending on where you buy it and you would still have to buy any extra channels you want. If you order through this special  you are basically getting it for free or close to free plus two years of great family friendly movies. 

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 8.49.23 PM

Hurry and sign up now, this deal ends when July does.

Free* Roku® Streaming Stick® with a 2 year Feeln subscription ($98 value for $47.98) *Terms and Conditions May Apply


Successful Homeschooling Made Easy ~ Review

Successful Homeschooling Made Easy Review
Stephanie Walmsley has homeschooled for over 27 years and definitely has the experience to run a company called Successful Homeschooling Made Easy.  She has developed Successful Homeschooling Made Easy Course a 26 week program that is delivered right to your email inbox with a pdf attachment. Each lesson is anywhere from 7 pages to 22 pages long and filled with a lot of information. 

To be honest this was not a review I really felt I needed or wanted to participate in. I used to teach high school, I had my own in home daycare, I’m the oldest of 6 kids and I’ve been homeschooling for four years now. I felt like I had a bit of experience to go off of. We have a routine even though it revolves around doctor appointments and treatment plans. I was comfortable even though I know I wasn’t doing everything I could to be more organized and on top of things. When I saw that I was on the list of reviewers I figured I’d approach it from an “if you’re just starting out….” point of view and cover it for someone new because there wouldn’t be much for our family in it. Wrong! There is a lot that I have learned from the first ten weeks.

Successful Homeschooling Made Easy Review

Some of the topics covered in the course are

  • How to homeschool children of different ages and abilities, at the same time.
  • Why homeschool teaching is different from classroom teaching, and how to succeed at homeschool teaching.
  • How to teach subjects like music appreciation, science, math, arts and crafts.
  • How to get your housework done.
  • How to keep records in a simple way.

The biggest help for me was how to make a schedule and adjust that schedule as your children grow. You spend a lot of time working on a schedule and doing it in such a way that it is manageable. You don’t start out by sitting down and changing the entire way you do things or by coming up with an entire years curriculum overnight. Even if I could come up with an entire years worth of curriculum in a week it would be sure to change drastically by the time we were even close to half way through the year. Even nailing down a schedule is hard. I have a general outline of how our days run but with doctors changing which day of the week they are in clinic or Colby getting sick with this virus or that one it can become difficult to stick to a set schedule.

That’s why I loved lesson 3 and reading about other families experiences and advice. Homeschooling isn’t about teaching kids like they are at school. It’s about doing what is best for your child, for your family and for yourself. Children are precious and their time at home is short so make the most of it.

Reading the lessons each week reminded me why we brought Jahnna home. It was what was best for her and for us. As she has gotten older the question always comes up if this is still what is best for her. So far the answer remains yes and going over each lesson has reaffirmed that for me. I’m excited to continue on and see what the next 16 weeks have for us.

You can Preview the course here to see if it looks like a good fit for you. I love that Stephanie has come up with  several different payment options for this program. You can pay $9.50 monthly or for a 15% discount you can pay all at once for $48.50. You can connect with Stephanie on Facebook at The Broad Room.

To see what the other Crew Reviewers have to say click the banner below. I hope you will check it out because Stephanie really has included a lot of information to help everyone from the beginner to the experienced.

Successful Homeschooling Made Easy Review
Crew Disclaimer

4 simple steps to stress free homemaking

Are you a stressed-out homemaker? Don’t stay overwhelmed! Check out this free eCourse: 4 Simple Steps to Stress-Free Homemaking!

4 Simple Steps to Stress-Free Homemaking

Are you tired of getting behind on laundry?

Do you struggle to keep your kitchen clean?

Does the dinner hour have you harried?


If so, you cannot miss a FREE 4-part mini eCourse that is available for a limited time: 4 Simple Steps to Stress-Free Homemaking!

In this eCourse, you will learn:

  • how to never get behind on laundry again,
  • how to wake up each day to a sparkling clean kitchen,
  • how to avoid the 5 ‘o’clock scramble with a super simple meal planning method, and
  • how to set yourself up for success with a quick nighttime routine.

Control My Spin’s Holly Dvorak, a popular speaker and home management coach, and her long-time homemaking mentee, Erin Odom, of The Humbled Homemaker, have put together this eCourse to help curb homemaking overwhelm and give you the tools you need to run your home like a well-oiled machine.

4 Simple Steps to Stress-Free Homemaking will not take you long to complete, but what you learn through it can totally revolutionize your home.


What comes with this eCourse?

  • 4 videos: These videos are all less than 10 minutes long, so it won’t take up a lot of time to watch them. But they each pack a punch!
  • 4 printable worksheets: We don’t want to just leave you with the teaching; we want you to brainstorm ways to implement it in your life!
  • FREE REWARDS by sharing this FREE eCourse with your friends as well!

What rewards can you earn?

4 steps overlay image 650 x 351

We let a sampling of bloggers get a sneak peek at this course, and this is what they had to say about it:

Kayse Pratt

“I absolutely loved the course! It was so encouraging for me to hear someone else’s homemaking struggles, and the tips I learned are so practical, I can implement them immediately! Each video is less than 10 minutes, and well worth your time. I’m recommending it to all of my friends!” ~Kayse Pratt, blogger at Kaysepratt and author of Worth the Fight

Angi Schneider

“I was really encouraged by the videos to really think about the little things that make my day go smoother when I do them. Thank you!” ~Angi Schneider, blogger at Schneiderpeeps and author of Hope: Thriving While Unemployed

Jill York

“I cannot tell you how much this simple free course has helped me already! I’ve watched them with my oldest daughter, and we are putting them to action! The motivation it provides can be life-changing! It made me really look forward to digging into the rest of what’s in the bundle.” ~Jill York, blogger at Jill’s Home Remedies and co-author of Homeschooling Day-by-Day

Kristen Smith

“The four mini lessons taught in this eCourse aren’t overwhelming, won’t load you with guilt, and are really doable. There’s also room to tweak the lessons for your family’s unique needs, which I appreciate as a homeschooling mom of give younger children. Instead of feeling like a failure by watching it, you feel motivated to make the small changes that Holly explains.” ~Kristen Smith, blogger at Smithspirations and author of Strengthening the Heart of a Homemaker

Don’t miss out on this FREE eCourse that can help take the stress out of homemaking! Get immediate access by signing up here, now, or click on the button below! 

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Disclosure: I have included affiliate links in this post. Thank you for supporting my site!