Serrapeptase and talking

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I’ve been researching serrapeptase for a little while now. I don’t have a specific link to direct you to on it. It’s a silk worm enzyme and it’s suppose to help with Alzheimer’s and neuron regrowth. Supposedly there are no side effects but if you look it up long enough you eventually find that it can cause nausea and muscle cramping or spasms. Can you see why I’ve been a little reluctant to try it with Colby? He’s already throwing up and having muscle spasms. I don’t want to make it worse!

Anyway this last week I’ve had three different people tell me about it so I figured I ought to go get some and at least give it a try. What are the odds that three different people are going to bring up a relatively rare supplement  concerning brain health in one week? I think I’m finally starting to learn how to listen to my instincts and go with promptings. Anyway. I started Colby on one pill yesterday and last  night I asked him if he wanted me to go pick up pizza or if he wanted dad to go pick up pizza. He looked right at me and clearly said “You go”

First off I realize that 4 hours after 1 supplement is way to soon to tell if it’s going to help. Can you say placebo effect? Anyway I was really surprised by it. He talks and he says things but very few of those words are clearly said and for two words to be put together so clear almost never happens.

Today I was getting him ready for therapy and he was throwing up. He was being ornery and didn’t want me to leave the room to put his walker in the truck or get his shoes. We’d tried the walker earlier in the morning and he screamed as soon as I buckled him in. There is no working with him when he is doing that. So I took him out. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give him another pill before we went so while I was getting his 1:00 meds together I added in another capsule of the serrapeptase. Two and a half hours later we’re ready to head out just as his show is ending. The little PBS Kids song came on and he giggled and said “PBS kids!” I almost dropped him I was so surprised! The look on his face was pure pride!

Off we went to therapy (remind me why I take the girls with me? they were awful) the therapist looked at him and said “Colby I think today you are going to have a break out day!” And you know what? He DID! When we got done the therapist said that today was the best day he’s ever had in almost 4 years of working with him!

He was walking in his walker. He advanced both feet forward on his own. He was pushing his feet on his own. Of course when he got tired 15 feet into it they started dragging a bit but he hasn’t had any muscles to work with in 4 years so 15 feet is a huge effort for him. He was turning his head side to side and he never really went into a full extension like he usually does. His legs get locked when that happens, his back arches and it’s pretty painful.

After we took him out of the walker we played hall ball. He sits on a bolster with the therapist and he helps Colby hit a big blow up ball down the hall. He was using his arms, his feet stayed flat on the floor. That in and of itself is a major accomplishment. Usually when he uses his arms his legs come up in a frog leg pattern. They never stay on the floor. He was looking for the ball and he was flinching when he was trying to swing which is great because it means he was actually tracking the movement of the ball! He had great trunk control and was looking around. The smile on his face was huge!

So, is it to early to tell if this is helping him? Probably but there’s nothing else to explain it. All my wishful thinking in the world can’t make his body work the way he wants it to. I’m hoping and praying that this will continue to help him and that we will see some more improvements soon.


  1. says

    I don’t want to be jumping the gun or jinxing Colby’s progress but….This is so great! Good work Colby!

    A….how exciting for you all to be featured in the newspaper. And clean teeth too!…lol. I guess you’ll have to wear one of those silly teeth guards to bed….fun! Maybe you can get a pretty sparkly pink one, or one that matches you PJs. :-)

    Good luck to John on his second dose. He needs to keep a positive attitude on his treatments (not an easy thing to do when one is going through it) , but frame of mind and positive (never give up) is just as important as treatment and surgery.

    Still praying for you all…and still in aw of your strength.

    God bless you all.

    love and hugs….

  2. says

    So sorry to hear about so much sadness you have experienced in the last few years. I really think you have created a wonderful blog. My husband is in Afghanistan right now so my blog has become mostly pics of what we are doing, but I do have 3 sons with ADHD, one severe, and a daughter who has had a few surgeries for a pineal brain cyst that remains symptomatic with prognosis unknown. So I have had a bit of uncertainty in our lives, but nothing like the things you are going through. I will be praying for you and reading your blog.

  3. chelle says

    Thank you for posting this. I may try this. Hope that progress keeps on coming, I don’t really care how it comes, just as long as it continues.. in our prayers, chelle and family

  4. Nancy Jensen says

    Wow! Hope it keeps up! Maybe this will be something that will eventually work for Alzheimer’s, too (our family’s signature disease)!

  5. amy says

    Really interesting. My little girl is almost 3 and been in speech for a little over a year. She didn’t have any words at 19 months when she started with the speech therapist. In March of this year I started her on Nordic Naturals Omega 3*6*9 Junior Fish Oil and in April she started twice a week speech therapy. Since March she has increased her vocabulary to over 150+ words. Prior to March she didn’t have 30 words. We saw quick results too, so don’t be hesitant to think that it’s already working. I think our bodies are all so different and need different things. You may have been led, guided and inspired to try it. No one I knew had tried Fish Oil for speech but after much research online I found numerous people who had great results. It’s amazing what we find when we listen. Good job mama!

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