Writer’s block? Life block? Blogging block?

Who knows what it was but for whatever reason I could not form a blog post over the last four months for anything! I’ve logged on several times and stared at this section and never found anything to type. Maybe it’s because the routine of our life had gotten a little to routine. Maybe, it . . . → Read More: Writer’s block? Life block? Blogging block?

What to write?

I know it’s been awhile since I last updated. I have so much to write and don’t know what to write about all at the same time. This last round of chemo went well. John was tired but not as tired as the round before. He will get his blood drawn this Friday and hopefully . . . → Read More: What to write?


Today is John’s first follow-up MRI and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was nervous. I didn’t think I’d be so nervous for this. I told John that I was this morning and he kind of laughed. He said that he had been thinking about it yesterday. He couldn’t decide whether he should . . . → Read More: Nervous

Finding the silver lining

The past two weeks have flown by for a variety of reasons. We’ve had so much go on that I’ve decided I need to focus on the good things that have happened. If you look hard enough there’s always a silver lining to your trials, right? I hope so, so I’m looking hard!

The most . . . → Read More: Finding the silver lining

4th of July 2011

We were pretty low key this year for the fourth. We headed over to my in-laws house and had dinner. The kids played croquet until it got dark. Jahnna’s uncle taught her a card game and she beat him and two other friends of his. They were pretty surprised that an 8 year old could . . . → Read More: 4th of July 2011

Birthday Party Pictures

I’m such a bad mom when it comes to birthdays. I was just to tired this year to throw a kid birthday party for Riley or for Colby. We did a family bbq on Sunday because I forgot it was Mothers Day. Good Grief! You’d think I could get something scheduled this month with out . . . → Read More: Birthday Party Pictures

Conversations with Riley

Sorry for those of you I know on Facebook. I decided to copy all of her conversations over here so they don’t get forgotten.

Riley ~ Hey mom I drank butt water last night in the bathtub. Mom ~ Eww don’t kiss me. Riley ~ I have butt water mouth today. Mom~ sigh Riley after . . . → Read More: Conversations with Riley

Craziness #prayingforcolby #dystonia

When is life around here not crazy? Or Chaotic?

Seriously? Quiet would be so nice but I figure that day will come so suck it up for now.

Colby is doing well. His stitches have never looked so good!

I thought he was getting a sinus infection yesterday because he was a bit junky which . . . → Read More: Craziness #prayingforcolby #dystonia

Summer Swimming

We don’t get to go swimming much.

All right I admit it. My kids have been to a public swimming pool maybe 5 times in their entire collective lives.

This coming from a former life guard and swim teacher.

It’s not that I don’t want to take them swimming, but have you ever tried to . . . → Read More: Summer Swimming

Happy Late 4th of July


I didn’t realize I didn’t realize that I hadn’t posted pictures from the 4th of July.

¬†Here is Riley just two days after her overdose. You would never know she’d been on a ventilator 48 hours earlier.

She is doing good now and has no lasting side effects.

Colby had fun and . . . → Read More: Happy Late 4th of July


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